is an exercise in making, a social support repository, a prompt you can use to take inventory both of and for yourself (and your loved ones), during this unprecedented moment in time.

I’ve talked to so many people who have all expressed similar sentiments - My sense of time is warped... Everything feels like it’s moving so slowly... Every day has started to blend together... This has been the longest week of my life - the list goes on.

In the spirit of capturing this moment and reminding ourselves that there is hope for tomorrow - whatever form that may take, here are a few ideas you can try to create your own Quarantine Time Capsule.  Take it, leave it, or make it your own and pass it along to anyone you feel might benefit from it.

  • Write a letter/record an audio message to yourself today that you will open 30 days from now.

  • Write a letter/record an audio message to someone you care about, share it with them but ask them to wait to open it 30 days from now.

  • Write/record a short daily letter or audio message to a loved one (family, partner, friend) every day for the next week.  Don’t tell them you are doing this and but set aside time at the end of the week to share these with them in whatever form you decide.

  • Take a photo of your life everyday for the next 30 days but don’t look at them until the 30 days is up.

  • Make a literal time capsule.  Fill it with items that mean something to you, take a photo or video to document it and set aside a date in the future to open it.

  • Revisit those New Years Resolutions from 2020 and write new ones that you’ll take beyond the quarantine.

I’ve been so moved and inspired by the ways in which people have adapted, come together and found new ways of solving the problems we all collectively face.  Here’s to looking backwards and forwards together.


Made with love by Mykim Dang.